Up-coming Weekend Meets

Club meets are held virtually every week throughout the year. For more details, click on a meet below that interests you. To book places, or want to try and sort out lifts etc., please contact the named meet leader or use the enquiry form. Enquiries form...

For more details, click on a meet below that interests you.

Non-members should contact the club stating which meet they would like to attend, especially if its the first time. Contact details can be found here or use the Enquiries form.

October 2018

Mossley Walk
Sat 20th (Jo Stratford / Andy Stratford)
Fell Race - Lakes TBD
Fri 26th - Sun 28th (Duncan Lee)

November 2018

Ty Powdwr - Bonfire Meet
Fri 2nd - Sun 4th (TBD)
European Outdoor Film Festival *
Mon 12th (Emily Pitts)
Rivington Walk
Sun 18th (Lester Payne)
AGM - Manchester Climbing Centre *
Thu 22nd (KMC Committee)
Bleaklow Hare Hunt
Sun 25th (Mark Garrod / TBD)

December 2018

Frosty Bouldering
Sun 2nd (Daniel O'Brien)
Ty Powdwr - Christmas Bash
Fri 7th - Sun 9th (TBD)
Sun 23rd
Ty Powdwr - New Year
Fri 28th - Mon 31st (TBD)

January 2019

The Missing Mankiholes Meet
Sun 6th (Dave Shotton)
Sun 13th
Karn House *
Thu 17th - Sun 20th (Steve Graham)
Burns' Night - Ty Powdwr *
Fri 25th - Sun 27th (Daniel O'Brien)

February 2019

Sun 3rd
Kintail Hut *
Thu 7th - Sun 10th (Emily Thompson)
Sun 17th
Sun 24th

March 2019

Yorkshire Bouldering
Sun 3rd (Daniel O'Brien)
Raeburn Hut: Winter Meet *
Thu 28th Feb - Sun 3rd Mar (Jared Kitchen)
Working Party - Ty Powdwr
Fri 15th - Sun 17th (TBD)
CIC Hut *
Thu 21st - Sun 24th (Stuart Hurworth)
Archives Meet
Sun 31st (Emily Pitts / Dave Shotton)

April 2019

President's Hotpot and Photo Comp
Sun 7th (Daniel O'Brien)
Sun 14th
Thu 18th - Mon 22nd (Daniel O'Brien)
Sun 28th

May 2019

75th Party - Ty Powdwr
Fri 3rd - Mon 6th (TBD)
75 Routes for the 75th
Sun 12th (Tim Howarth / Daniel O'Brien)
Castleshaw Amble & Cake
Sat 18th (Philippa Maye)
Late May Bank Holiday
Fri 24th - Mon 27th (TBD)

June 2019

Sun 2nd
Lakes Hut-to-Hut
Sat 8th - Sun 9th (Andy Stratford)
Working Party - Ty Powdwr
Fri 14th - Sun 16th (TBD)

* - Advance Notice/Booking Meets.

If you are considering coming along to a club meet, please read the following.

Participation Statement:
"I accept that climbing and mountaineering are activities with a risk of personal injury or death. I am aware of and shall accept these risks and wish to participate in these activities voluntarily and shall be responsible for my own actions and involvement."

Up-coming Weekend Meets


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