Sat 4th Jun - Sun 5th Jun, 2011

Working Meet

Members Present: J Hoyle, K Hoyle, C Williams, Trish Cranston, Dave Shotton, Dave Wylie, Iain McCallum, Jim and Sandy Gregson, Dave Pearson, Al Metelko, Sue Brooke, Pete Hughes.

Guests: Kate Harvey, Rebecca.


A good turnout again was very much appreciated and lots got done. Chris Williams once again turned his attention to the hot water tank and fixed the problem causing the hammering of the contacts. Unfortunately we are still not sure if the bottom element is working so we are making further investigations. Dave Wylie did repairs to the roof once again, numerous other jobs and helped Jim put up some cupboards in one of the upstairs dorms. Jim also fixed the FRCC hut key box which should help ensure we drum up some more business with them to help hut finances. Trish, Al, Kasia and I painted the men's toilets and they now look very nice if you want to take a look! Rebecca did a brilliant job sewing new bed sheet covers for the dorms and we have now replaced most of the worst looking ones. Dave won the prize for the best effort for attending the meet, coming all the way from Canada. He built some new arm chairs for the lounge and did some track repairs along with Kate Harvey. Dave Shotton applied most of the paint required to allow us to replace the soffit boards and Iain did a great job catering for us all once again. Sue and Pete did loads of cleaning on the hut especially the cooker as did Sandy who gave the lady's a shine. By the time we finished the hut looked a lot better than when we started so a big thank you to everyone.

James Hoyle

Meet Promo:

Plenty to be done at the hut as usual! Depending on the weather we may have a go at decorating the gent’s bathroom, fitting the new soffit board to the end of the hut or adding another coat of paint to them as necessary. There are more new bedsheets to be made, a good general hut clean needed and some fence reinforcement may also be necessary. We will also be experimenting once again with the hot water system to see if we can improve the functioning of it. The track could do with just a little work and there may be some strimming needed around the property too.

Working meet is on the Saturday with climbing/walking on the Sunday. If the weather is as nice as it has been recently a barbecue may be in order on Saturday night. Bring your own stuff although I do have a disposable barbecue to use up in the store room. Lunch will be provided on the Saturday. Hope to see a good turnout and many thanks to all those who came last time around. We got loads done.

James Hoyle

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