Sat 10th Feb, 2018

Walking Meet

Christine Beeston

**********  MEET CANCELLED  ************************

Unfortunately I can't lead this meet this weekend as I'm unwell, so after trying to find an alternative meet leader, and looking at the forecast, and given there was little expressed interest, I've decided to 

cancel.  I hope this hasn't messed up your plans - there's nothing to stop you scribbling that you're going to do it anyway, if you had planned to turn up.

Apologies, and hopefully I will be able to move this meet to another day.






PLEASE NOTE this walk is on SATURDAY 10th February, NOT Sunday

Upper Hulme - Buxton walk

Meet 09:15 at the bus stop at the junction of Grin Low Road and the A53 Buxton-Leek, (SK 042717 White Peak map)

We will take the number 16 bus south to the Upper Hulme stop, then walk back via the Roaches, Gradbach, Turn Edge, Knotbury and Axe Edge Moor.

There are various ways to get to and from the start and end of the walk, I will probably drive, and park at the carpark just off Grin Low Road (SK048718, £2 for the day, allow a good 10 minutes to walk to the bus stop)  Alternatively you could get the train to Buxton, then the number 16 from the centre.  If you do this, I guarantee a lift back to the station at the end of the walk!

I planned this walk as I have often looked north from the top of the Roaches and wondered where I could get to.  It's a varied walk with some good views, the possibility of a teashop, some mud and a couple of scrappy bits.  Overall I thought it was an interesting wander.

I hope to see you there, despite the early start!

Please let me know if you need/want to offer a lift.


Christine Beeston

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