Sat 14th Jul, 2018

Local Climbing - High Neb Meet

Roger Dyke

Members present: Christine Beeston, James Meakin, Andy Pierce, Roger Dyke  

Guest: Andy Vine

A lovely warm summers day with lots of sun and a cooling breeze across the top.

The A team of Andy and Andy knocked off the hard stuff – Inaccessible Crack, High Neb Buttress, Icy Crack and the Blurter.

Christine and James took it in turn to lead Tango Crack, Youth, Duo Cracks, Uno Crack and Frosty so that Roger got adequate exercise following them up and coiling the ropes – the only aspect of climbing he is still good at.

It was a classic lazy summer’s day out.....

Roger Dyke

High Neb Christine & James on Tango Crack (Roger Dyke)
No gear at the start of Uno Crack (Roger Dyke)
James looking for a handhold on Uno Crack (Roger Dyke)

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