Sun 2nd Dec, 2018

Frosty Bouldering

Daniel O'Brien

Members: Dan O’Brien, Meirion Tanner, Jack Buczko.

Guests: Sam Crabb

No frost.  I suppose I was asking for that.  I recall running a “Welsh Sun Rock” meet a few years ago that was notable for us only managing one route in the gloom followed by a torrential walk out and an evening playing Cluedo in the hut.

So yes, no frost.  There was drizzle, though.  Just enough drizzle to keep us off the rock but not enough to make the day an immediate write-off.  We wandered around the crag in search of dry rock.  We didn’t find any.  We hung round until about 1pm then headed to the pub.  That was nice.  And warm.  And dry.

Maybe I’ll call the next one soggy bouldering and see what happens.

Daniel O'Brien

Meet Promo:

We are going to meet at Stanage Plantation car-park at 10:30 for a day of bouldering in the crisp winter sunshine.  It is a pay-and-display car park and will cost around £4.50 for the day.

In preparation I do not recommend that you read previous meet reports for my bouldering meets testifying to terrible weather over the last couple of years. Instead, put on your best optimism beanie hat, pack a flask, chalk-up and get on it!

For those of you of a hiking persuasion the crag-top path of the Edge provides excellent sport so it would be great to see you all too.

Links to more information about the crag can be found here.

Hope to see some people there!

Daniel O'Brien

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