Sat 1st Sep, 2018

Wilton Fest

Emily Pitts

This year it was just me at Wiltonfest, but it was a late shout-out and I had already planned to deliver a session around climbing confidence to a small group in the afternoon. I managed to find a climbing buddy to hang out with early on and polish off a couple of quick seconds, followed by my session, attended by 10 people, which went by quickly and got good feedback. The weather stayed nice and it was a lovely afternoon that was extremely well attended, earning Wiltonfest the accolade of most popular BMC event. Hope to see a good contingent there in 2019.

Emily Pitts

Meet Promo:

Meet at 11am in Wilton 2 meeting point, or in the quarries earlier if the mood takes you. 

From 2-4pm I’m running a Developing Climbing Confidence workshop. Lots of other workshops also available. Click here for more info and to book:

The weather is clearly raining itself out ready for scorching sunshine at the weekend! See you there. 


 Info from Paul Evans Below: 

Emily Pitts

Meet Promo:

Due to holiday commmitments the Chew Valley Meet has been cancelled...

But fear not! Wilton Fest is here to save the day.  Hosted by the BMC in Wilton Quarry, this anual event is a great opportunity to climb at Wilton, get to know more climbers and generally have a fab time.

Current events planned include:

  • Warm-up with Nathan
  • Beginners bouldering with Andy Shaw
  • Fundamentals of climbing with professional coach John Kettle
  • Slide show with special guests
  • Gear testing workshop with Stuart Holmes
  • Demo from Bolton Mountain Rescue team
  • Company stands. Tea/coffee all day
  • Beer and BBQ and more...

As a personal endorsement, I've had a couple of coaching sessions with John Kettle and he's fantastic, really switched on guy.  Hope to see some good KMC representation at theis great local event.

For more information please visit -

Paul Evans

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