Sat 23rd Jun, 2018

Birchen Edge - Check Scribble for Details

Nils Elgar

Members present – Roger Dyke, Nils Elgar, Gergana Mihalkova, Gowry Sisupalan, Gary Thornhill, Paul Evans

The original meet had been Peak Limestone, but a last minute change of plan and leader – in fact I’m not sure whether we ended up with anything as organised as a leader - meant that we headed to Birchens.

There were two main climbing teams, Nils and Geri, and Gowry and Gary. There was much potential for confusion caused by 3 people having similar sounding names beginning with “G”, and indeed, confusion arose at various points through the day.  Roger seconded or thirded various routes at various times, and I mostly ran around with a camera and a load of abseiling gear.

Routes ascended were –

Nils and Geri did Emma’s Temptation (HVD 4c). Emma’s Dilemma (Sev 4a), Yo Ho Crack (VDiff) Stokers Hole (HS 4a), the rather bold Sail Buttress (HS 4b), Captain’s Bunk (HS 4b), Fo’c’sle Crack  (S 4a), with Roger “thirding Yo Ho Crack and Stoker’s Hole (or variant)

Gowry warmed up on Trafalgar Crack (VD 4a), Gary led Stokers Break (VD 4a), then Gowry decided to have a go at Topsail (VS 4c). She easily got up to the roof, took a few goes to work it out, seemed completely unfazed by taking a short fall, and got it next go, for her first VS lead. Next was Tar’s Wall (VD 4a) where Gary fancied a rest so I seconded, and finally Tar’s Arete (VD 4a) where both Gary and I fancied a rest, so Roger seconded.

Weather was superb, lovely and sunny all day, not too hot, and a bit of a breeze kept any midges away. Ended up with a nice pint in the beer garden at the Bridge Inn, where I was foolish enough to ask “who’s writing the meet report?” and was promptly voted into the job by an overwhelming majority.

Paul Evans

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