Fri 14th Jun - Sun 16th Jun, 2019

Working Party - Ty Powdwr

Caro Churchill

Attended: Caro C, John Castick, Iain McCallum, Tim Howarth, Laura Bond, Dave Wylie, Dave Shotton, Andy Stratford, Jo Stratford, Steven Lopacki (guest).


The summer loving for the hut was a dry and therefore super productive weekend with painting walls, (green) doors and window frames, electrics testing, fire safety, risk assessment, cleaning, strimming and other maintenance tasks were accomplished. Thanks to Iain McCallum for feeding and watering the workers so well. Evening entertainment consisted of laying eggs, playing birds and eating worms (all as part of a complicated board game called Wingspan facilitated by games meister Laura). Caro and Steven managed to sneak in a sport climb at the bus stop quarry (a 6a and a 6b).

Sunday’s dispersed activities included deciding not to decide, hoping it will not rain too much for a climb despite the weather forecast changing frequently and some just needing to get back home. Andy S popped up Elidir Fawr before breakfast, while Caro and Steven popped to Australia for more sport slate action despite it being cold and windy.

Caro Churchill

Meet Promo:

It's time again to give the lovely KMC hut some TLC. Come join our midsummer dream team!

All skills and none welcome. Do bring clothes you don't mind getting dirty as jobs to do include painting, strimming and track maintenanance. Hut fees are free for those working on the Saturday, lunch on the Saturday is also provided along with ample re-fuelling tea and biscuit breaks.

We could have a games night on the Sat evening if consensus demands so.

Then hopefully the weather will allow us to get out for a climb, walk, run or whatever floats your boat on the Sunday.

Do get in touch if you have any queries or need help getting through the gates. It would be great if you let us know you're coming so we can be sure to cater for all.

Hope to see you there, Caro

Caro Churchill

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