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Burnmoor Lodge - Lake District

Andrew Vine

Burnmoor Lodge in the lake district.

Its an old hunting lodge, quite close to Scawfell. It's not at all close to a road, the closest one is at Boot a couple of miles away, so it requires a nice walk across the Lake District to get there. Normally we meet at the Boot Inn, have dinner there, get the key off the Landlord, and then walk up. Once there, there is no electricity although there is a convenient water supply from the Tarn (the tarn is fed by an underground spring and goes very well with whiskey - which is good because few people want to go to the effort of carrying beer). There is also an outhouse of the stoutest construction, and at the end of the trip, the bravest and most noble members of the party bury the contents in the back garden. The Lodge can sleep a maximum of 12 at the moment. Once there, Scawfell crags are accessible and there are a few other climbing possibilities as well as lots of good walks and fell running. The main attraction is being somewhere so remote and basic - if you do things properly there is no need to see a car all weekend. There is no heating - except for Tilly lamps which actually kick out a surprising amount lot of heat.


This trip is a bit more of an adventure than an average hut trip, just because if anyone had an emergency it wouldn't be straightforward to put them in a car immediately. Its basically equivalent to staying in a bothy or wild camping. If you are climbing, then its worth working out what you are doing before hand and bringing a fairly light-weight set of gear. On previous trips we have handled cooking as a group, and if there are a lot of people then that might be the best way as the kitchen is similar to a normal house. Please bring packed lunches. All the food has to be carried in and the rubbish carried out, so we will have to coordinate with this too - meaning that I might ask you to carry communal loads.


Andrew Vine

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