Sat 31st Aug, 2019


Emily Pitts

The Wilton quarries are a great place to climb, with grades ranging from Mod up to the hard E’s, which means that there is no excuse not to join us for the day at Wiltonfest. 


Wiltonfest is the BMC’s biggest climbing festival, with over 400 people attending last year. It’s got an amazing vibe, so I hope you will come along and enjoy a day of relaxed and enjoyable climbing with the great and the good from the north west climbing community. It’s a good opportunity to get to know other climbers and if you want to learn the ropes, there should be lots of people around who can help. 


There will be brands there to share their wares, workshops during the day and maybe even free beer if you’re that way inclined! 


Meet at 11am in Wilton 2 and climb all day long, well into the evening. There will be things happening until late, so bring you big coat and a few £££’s to join in the fun. 




Emily Pitts 

Emily Pitts

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