Sat 12th Jan - Sun 13th Jan, 2002

Ty Powdyr

Ty Powdyr Flies Again

Meet leader: Chris Thickett

Representing the Committee: Andrew Croughton and Al Metelko

Representing the Downhill Club: Iain McCallum and Bob Anderson

Representing Romiley: Virginia and Joanne Castick

Representing himself: Dave Garland

Representing the Photographic Society: Dave Dillon

Representing Master Cake Makers: John Evans

Representing Itinerant Computerised Vans: Kevin Anderson

Representing Guests: Fiona Roy, James Richardson and Catherine Liddell



In the early afternoon Bob and Chris set off up Tryfan in promising weather, avoiding both difficulties and themselves up the North Ridge. However, the capricious weather waited to bombard them with gale and rain near the summit, just at the top of the quick way down the west face - so that was the end of that.



The meet leader was in a dilemma on Saturday morning because the weather was fine - but what about all those nasty gales forecast. Oh! Dear! Oh! Dear! What should we do? I know! Where is that assertiveness training!

Right! Organise yourselves into groups of five. Oh! There are some over. Well! Virginia and Joanne: off you go and enjoy the Cneifon Arête and if you meet some Welsh people ask them how to pronounce it. Dave D: it is just the opportunity to photograph the slate quarries - can't think of a better day for it!

A "famous five": Tremadog beckons. I want to see the following routes completed: Olympic Slab, One Step in the Clouds and Poor Man's Peuterey and make sure that the conditions are spring-like. (That takes care of Al, Dave G, John, Fiona and James).

An even more "famous five": follow the meet leader from the Gwynant up the South Ridge of Snowdon and then down the Watkin Path avoiding all tempests.

Well! Virginia reported that you do not pronounce the "C" - how cnutty!

There was no time for a tea in Eric's before the climbers burst onto the routes at Tremadoc. What's all this about Al being confused climbing in the daylight?

The walkers had a splendid day on the quiet side of Snowdon on a excellent round with minimum gale and slippery bits. Unfortunately, they got lost driving back and had to ask the way in the Cwellyll Arms at Rhyd Ddu.

Back at the hut there was John's latest cake to demolish. Walnut and sultana, I think. Anyway, it was wonderful washed down with lashings of tea.

Later in the lounge, Bob won the after-dinner debates with arguments that defied all-comers as well as logic. In the meantime, a quiet game of Scrabble reached a tense climax in the dining-room when the meet leader was asked to adjudicate on the word: "Oz". Just when faced with yet another life-or-death decision he was thankful when the players were distracted when trying to count the number of letters involved and he was able to sneak off to bed.



The meet leader rose with a smile on his face. He would not have to make any difficult decisions - it was pissing down! In fact, only Virginia and Joanne showed any urgency at all - they were off to Auntie Joan's at Abergele for tea and cakes. Iain started a jigsaw puzzle on the floor of the lower right-hand dormitory although all the pieces looked the same.

It was good to see that poor weather does not put off Kevin - he arrived just in time for the rain!

Most sat around during the morning looking at the gloom through the windows and in the bits of newspaper shared out amongst those claiming to be awake.

It was then the meet leader made his escape back to home comforts, making sure his motor car would be suitably camouflaged by skidding on a cow-pat.

Later two leaderless and headless chickens went out for a run whilst the remainder visited Pete's by walking through the Padarn (pub, lake or woods?). On their way home there was time for another exciting (or stupefying) walk and chance for photography on Llandudno beach.

Chris Thickett

Meet Promo:

Ty Powdyr Flies Again.

Remember last year: warm rock; perfect ice; Great walking in near-Alpine conditions; wonderful weather; excellent cake. Could it happen again? What's that? No rude answers, please! Anyway, come along to Ty Powdyr for the weekend and do your own thing or join the crowd - probably foe a scramble in Idwal on the Saturday.

See you there.

Chris Thickett

Bob, Chris and Iain (Andrew Croughton)
Chris and Catherine (Andrew Croughton)
Chris on Snowdon (Andrew Croughton)
Fiona has lost her mountain (Andrew Croughton)
Iain on Snowdon (Andrew Croughton)
Chris, Iain and Bob on the Watkin path (Andrew Croughton)

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