Sat 2nd Feb - Sun 3rd Feb, 2002


Members present: John Castick, Virginia Castick, Sheena Hendrie, Iain McCallum, Lester Payne, Phil Ramsbottom, Jim Taylor, Chris Thicket, Frank Williams, Margaret Wiliams.

Guests present: Pam McCallum.


A very successful working party with many of the planed tasks accomplished. The weather was terrible. The rain fell in sheets and the hut was lashed by high winds for most of the weekend. The rain penetrated the upper right dorm around the end of the purlin and wet the mattress and bunk. The source cannot be established at present. On Saturday evening Chris and Phil entertained and enthused (frightened!) everyone with slides of their last trip to the Dolomites.

Tasks accomplished:

  • Elidir Fawr – Skirting board and shelves installed and safety bar on bunk fitted (Chris and Phil). – Ceiling joints skimmed and ceiling painted (Jim and Lester).

  • Glyder Fawr – Ceiling joints taped and skimmed and ceiling painted (Jim and Lester). – Door frame and temporary door installed between EF and GF (Chris and Phil).

  • Crib Goch – Safety bar fitted to bunk (Chris and Phil).

  • Snowdon – drying out bunk and mattress (Lester).

  • Dormitory hall – Plywood floor laid for cork tiles (Jim and Lester).

  • Gents washroom – Cubicles and adjoining wall painted (Iain and Sheena). – Pipe work dismantled and cleaned (Frank). – Shower fan cleaned (Virginia). – New shower curtain installed (Sheena).

  • Ladies washroom – Shower drain, fan and washbasins cleaned (Virginia).

  • Lounge – Stove maintained (Frank). – Cleaned (Margaret).

  • Common room – General cleaning (Pam and Margaret).

  • Storeroom – Cleaned and tided (Margaret).

  • Underfloor drainage – Investigated and found to be fine (Iain).

  • Track – Ditches cleaned and gorse cut back (John and Virginia).

  • Catering – Lunches and teas (Pam).

Many thanks to everybody for their hard work

Iain McCallum

Please note that we have a mice problem at the hut. Do not leave food lying about. Poison has been laid and hopefully this will eradicate the mice in due course.

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The main tasks are :

Elidir Fawr (LRHS) install skirting board and shelves, paint ceiling, repair plaster on wall.

Glyder Fawr (LLHS) tape and skim joints on ceiling and install door frame and door between EF and GF dorms.

Dormitory Hall lay plywood floor for cork tiles and build cupboard under the stairs

Other tasks cleaning, road repairs, repairs to gutters, thin trees, paint toilet cubicles in gents.

Lunch will be provided for members of the working party.

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