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Millstone Edge

Wed 24th Jul, 2019

All welcome. Evening meets start around 6pm. Please bring midge repellant/net and suntan cream. Manchester sunset is approximately 21:26, twilight to around 22:13. Please keep an eye on Scribble for wet weather options.

Wo!! Is it the best gritstone quarry in the whole UK? Yes it is! Millstone is the obvious gritstone scar that stands ominously above the village of Hatherasge in the eastern Peak. It is known for its cracks, and is thought by many to have some of the best crack climbing in the UK. During the 50's and 60's Millstone was used as an aid climbing venue, but as the hammered pegs enlarged the cracks, the cracks became big enough for fingers, and strong fingers meant that climbs went free. The number of quality routes is simply awesome, and despite popular belief they're not all crack climbs, and they're not all hard either... Details can be found here:  




The parking for Millstone is Surprise View carpark. This is a paid carpark and the machine is working ATM. Card only. Officially, the meet will begin at 6 pm but it is common for many to arrive earlier. Please keep an eye on scribble for updates and check the promo before you come out. There are a selection of great pubs here about and I'm hoping for a quick one after. It'll be a great evening, see you all there. 


Stanage Edge

Wed 17th Jul, 2019

(No Reports)

Shining Clough

Wed 10th Jul, 2019

Members: Jared Kitchen, Gareth Williams, Fergal McCullough

Prospectives: Paul Lonsdale, Paul Barber, Matt (sorry matt I forgot your surname)


Jared arrived at Woodhead around 5.30 and waited patiently for triple convoy of French campers to park up. Jared then kitted up and it was not long before Gareth arrived, then the Pauls and Matt. Fergal, however, thought the 6pm walk in time was a bit flexible, and had to run to catch us up. Luckily he was wearing shorts which helped in the humid evening, but not so much with midges. He's immune by the way! Figures.

The steep slog up the hill was enjoyed by everyone and we soon arrived at the base of the crag. Everyone was suitably impressed and setting up a camp underneath classic three star VS, Pheonix Climb, we slapped on a bit of midge poison and got to buisness. Gareth wasted no time in a swift accent of the crag classic while Jared ran around to the top to drop a rope down the 3 star severe Via Principia. The party had a go on each route but despite numerous accents, one of Gareths cams was left in the crag! We only noticed after pulling the ropes of course...

After the neccessary faff to retrieve it, we were all at the bottom by 9 pm,  and a swift run down the hill got us to the car park for twilight, just as the swarms decended!! Straight in the car. See you next week guys...

Jared Kitchen

The Roaches

Wed 3rd Jul, 2019

(No Reports)

Witches Quarry

Wed 26th Jun, 2019

Memebers: Dan O'brian, Mark Ashley, Jared Kitchen, Helen Boothman, Andrew Vine

Prospectives: Joseph Markus, Fergal McCullough, Mark Bland, Helen friend

Weather: Sunny and warm, gentle breeze. Lovely.


Jared arrived around 6pm to find Dan, Mark and Joe getting stuck straight in to the limestone cliff. A wonderful evening of top routes was to follow with not a winge about quality, but instead about the bomber belays that were conviently placed further back than the routes were long! 'You need two ropes for that!' Thought Jared, having run out of rope (he wasn't the only one!).

Anyway, Jared wasted no time in recruiting 3 top prospectives and set about sand-bagging them with a selction of starred HVS's. Dan and mark were loving the stars at VS and thouroghly sent a good selection of classics. Andy V thought they looked good too, and partnered with Mark A for a lead of the very best, while Helen and her friend worked there way up the grades, sampling good climbing from HS up...

Around 9pm the sun dipped and the midges came out, beckoning retreat. The drive made the gathering prefer to skip the pub finale, and headed for home instead. It was great to see everyone and visit Witches. It's a great crag. Lovely evening with great company. Thanks guys.


Next Week: The Roaches!! See you all there. 

Jared Kitchen

Ramshaw Rocks

Wed 19th Jun, 2019

(No Reports)

Bamford Edge

Wed 12th Jun, 2019

(No Reports)

Helsby Hill

Wed 5th Jun, 2019

Members: Jared Kitchen, Emily Pitts, Dave Whiley

Prospectives: Tor Pitts, Paul Lonsdale, Fergal McCullough, Matt Mitchell, Mark Bland


Jared arrived early and was practicing some crevasse rescue systems when Dave arrived. Jared abandoned the ropework for climbing and thought that a go on the bold Three Notch Slab would be a good warm up. Jared is, however, a big old wimp and opted to down climb half the route rather than run it out. Instead he headed over to the steeper section of Rake Wall, where he swiftly put ropes on bollted belays of Sunset crack (VS) and The Popple (HVS). 

While Jared was working, a fine list of attendees arrived. Firstly everyone went up Sunset Crack, then everyone had a good go at The Popple. It was the mighty Emily P who succeeded! Good effort: It's definitly worth it at HVS!!  

In the interim, Matt Mitchell was keen to get leading and took Paul out for a few sends. Firstly dealing with Avalanche Crack (VD), he then heading over to the Long wall for a go at Elderberry Slab (VD). Jared thought the Long wall looked good too, and headed over for a send of Palais Glide (VS), leaving the rope on the bolted belay for the others to have a go. 

Everyone had a pleasent evening in the quarry and it was a good consolation for a wet Helsby Hill. Helsby will have to wait until next year now, but I'm not complaining, I think we had a great evening anyway. See you next week guys.



Jared Kitchen

Wimberry Rocks

Wed 29th May, 2019

More rain; sad times. Some members and propectives went to MCC and enjoyed a nice evening on the well set plastic routes. Wimberry however, must wait for next year...  

Jared Kitchen

Cadshaw Castle Rock

Wed 22nd May, 2019

Members: Dan O’Brien, Tim Howarth, Koy Oi Ding, Mark Ashley

Guests: Fergal McCullough, John Smallwood, Mark Rothwell


Lancashire was sunny but cool and the KMC made the most of these fairly optimal conditions.  A stack of routes were climbed across the whole crag.


Dan, followed by Tim and Fergal, climbed Column Climb (S), Overhanging Crack (VD), Druid’s Corner (VD) and The Slab (VD) after Tim aborted due to the lack of gear and slopey holds.  Dan also didn’t find any gear but was happier to run it out – VD felt harsh.  Tim Led Column Climb (D) which was different in character from most of the other routes in that it had both gear and holds. Dan and Fergal followed.


Mark and John climbed Druid’s corner, Overhanging Crack, Split Block Crack (HS) and The Mantleshelf (S).  The latter was described on UKC as "a little on the delicate side, so take care or better still pick another route” which seems a little mean as the main problem seemed to be John retrieving a well stuck wire whilst following!


Mark and Ding climbed Corner Chimney (D), Overhanging Crack, Oak Tree Chimney (VD) and “something else down the far end of the crag that I didn’t write down and forgot to ask about… Sorry.


As the midges descended we decamped to a local drinking establishment for a debrief before heading for home. A lovely evening.

Daniel O'Brien

Castle Naze

Wed 15th May, 2019

Members: Clay Conlon, Jack Buczo, Gowry Sisupalan, Steve Graham, Chris Kastavaunis, Emily Pitts, Dave Wiley, Tim Howarth, Laura Bond,  Emily Thompson, Andy Pierce, Helen Boothman, Adam McCudden, Jared Kitchen.

Guests: Paul Lonsdale, Carla Wrigley, Fergal McCullough, Tor Pitts, Greg Nunn. 


A lovely dry and warm evening brought 19 attendess to Castle Naze. It was impossible to keep track of the everyones sends, but the Castle Naze classics were all climbed many times over. Everyone was in good spirits and had a great evening. Perfect. See you all next time.  

Jared Kitchen

Troy Quarry

Wed 8th May, 2019


Pule Hill

Wed 1st May, 2019

Members: Jared Kitchen, Andy Stratford, Andy Vine, Jack Buczo, Mark Ashley


A dry albeit windy evening at Pule Hill was had by 5 hardy KMCers who climbed several of the classic routes. First to arrive was Jared (who only lives down the hill) who traversed the quarry wall while the others approached the crag. Andy V arrived first and suggested Delilah, a thrutchy E1 in the quarry; as long as he didn’t lead it! Steeping up, Jared immediately got stuck in the narrow chimney. Removing his helmet meant some gear could be placed overhead, but his largest cam was too small for the crack! It his jam, Jared reflected on his options, then wriggled back down and set off on Mega factor (HVS 5a), a pretty good route on Leprosy wall, just as Andy S arrived. Everyone followed up. Nice warmup!


Mark and Jack had arrived on the decent. Unfortunately, Mark had left his gear at home and promptly set off to solo all the easier mods and diffs on the cliff. Andy S and Jack teamed up and set off  the opposite direction to the Sentinel buttress. Jared and Andy V liked the idea and followed.


At the sentinel Andy V coolly led up ‘No Treaverse’ (VS 4c) then Jared casually led ‘Traverse Not’ (VS 5a). Andy S vocally led ‘Bed End’ – ‘allegedly an HVD, however, it traversed some tricky terrain including a wild step over a void at the end.’ Andy then attempted ‘Traverse Not’ (VS 4c) on the same Buttress but backed off and went down to Flying Buttress and did the direct finish at HS 4b.


Jared and Andy V had headed back to the quarry where Andy V led ‘Annual Route’ (HS 4b). They then drove down the pub to meet Emily T and get some dinner (Or Tea for speakers of ‘Northern English’), and were eating before dark. A hour or so later the others arrived, and the evening was wound down over a pint, some left over chips and a packet of crisps and a chat. A nice end to lovely evening.


Next week it’s the brilliant Troy Quarry. See you all there!

Jared Kitchen

Windgather Rocks

Wed 24th Apr, 2019

I set out for Windgather about 4pm, hoping for an erronous forcast. However, on arrival at New Mills about 5 I met a trmendous thunder storm! Shortly after Adam McCudden messaged to say he had been rained off the crag. The evening was a wash out. KMC 3. British weather 1. Next week we're at the amazing Pule hill! See you all there.

Jared Kitchen

New Mills Torrs

Wed 17th Apr, 2019

Members: Clay Conlon, Jack Buzcko, Jim Symon, Emily Pitts, Paul Evans, Jared kitchen, Adam McCudden, Jed Farmer

Guests: Josh Birchall, John Smallwood, Carla Wrigley,  Liam Brady, Mark Rothwell, Luke Weaver 


Sunshine!!!! Finally some warm climbing after a FREEZING weekend out on rock and members welcomed newcomers to a super duper popular meet with 15 of us enjoying a great evening under the yellow lamp, the sun.  

Jed and Adam basically found the most disgusting routes they could, including Unnatural Act, stated as VS, but evidently HVX with little gear and loose stones to at least half way up. The route’s popularity is clear from the UKC entries - it’s in a grand total of 1 person’s log book. 85,000 Members of the the BMC, tens of thousands of registered members on UK. One ascent recorded. Says it all.  After this, they decided on something more civilised - Original Route VDiff and then Cracked Corner HS 4b. 

Paul, Liam and Jim climbed The Price of Admission and This is not Cheedale. 

Adam and Jed put up a rope on Revenge of the Grit Bolting Antichrist. Various of us made our way to varying degrees of success. 

Jared started off on Alcove Crack (HVS) followed up by John and Me. He then led Foundling (VS 4c) with Carla and John. Luke led the Mather Crack (E2 5b), but he reckons it should be downgraded to a Mod!? Jared then went on the lead on Electric Circus. Again, Luke downgraded it from E3 5C to VDiff! Next time, I think Luke needs to carry a member on his back to slow him down. 

Mark led Piggy’s Crack (VS 4C) followed by Carla then some other routes, but I didn’t manage to get which ones before he left. 

Meirion led a mixup of Original Route and Cracked Corner (I think!) followed by Carla and Josh. 

Emily led up the same chossy corner that Mark led, which the guidebook said was a VS and was clearly a decent route! Dirty and grim. 

The light faded and people drifted away with only the hardcore (John, Luke, Emily, Adam and Jared) staying to the sweet end - a pint in the pub courtesy of Jared. 

It was great to welcome newcomers and to hang out at this fab crag. Can’t wait for next week. If you’re a newcomer and fancy joining us, next week is Windgather - friendly and fun. 


Emily Pitts


Wed 10th Apr, 2019

Members: Jared Kitchen, Dan O'Brien, Mark Ashley, Emily Thompson, Helen Boothman, Tim Howarth, Jack Bukzo, Oi Ding koy
Guests: Josh Birchall, Camilla Mapstone, Carla Wrigley, Inan Middlehurst, Mark Rothwell, Fergus McCullough, John Smallwood

What an awesome evening! Great weather, great company and great climbing. 15 climbers came out to visit Brownstones, and before long a mountain of bouldering mats protected a lengthy section of crag! I dont think anyone looked through the guidebooks. We just climbed freely til around 8pm, then headed to the Wilton Arms for a pint and some dinner, and chatted while the sun set. Great evening, and great that so many people turn out! I'll see you all next time...    

Jared Kitchen

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